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Founded by engineers and managers experienced in the large SCADA/DMS/Smart Grid projects, with the idea to provide high quality services on the Smart Grid market and to apply gained knowledge into the smaller industrial consumers. We are putting our wide IT and Power Engineering knowledge in the service of our customers. Focused on delivering solutions and services to help industries and utilities to achieve greater reliability and efficiency in operation and maintenance.

The company name “ITEN” represents our orientation to the Information Technologies and Energy Sector.

Our portfolio consists of: Development of applications based on the customer needs/requests. Special experience with real time SCADA/DMS/EMS/OMS systems in utilities. Consultancy in the domain of Power Engineering and IT solutions. Special experience in the domain of Smart Grid systems. Our product - OC Suite, a robust, comprehensive, fully integrated set of software modules for industrial consumers, micro grids and smaller power/gas/water distribution companies. OC Suite provides optimal operation, maintenance and resource utilization.

Let’s build something worth remembering.